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Mission Statement

Inspired by a heritage of service, our multicultural international community challenges students to academic and personal excellence as caring, responsible for their own well being.


CIABT School aims to foster the optimum development of each student's capabilities by providing a high standard of education in the English language. This will prepare students for higher educational achievements leading mainly to study at Canadian and worldwide universities.

CIABT School primarily serves the international community. However, the school is open to students of all nationalities and religions who can meet its admission standards and benefit from the style of education it provides. CIABT School aims to evoke within each student a consciousness of the value of all life, an ethical response to society, a concern with ultimate questions, and a joy in acquiring knowledge that will continue throughout life.

Student Learning Expectations

It is our expectation that students exiting CIABT School will use our educational program to demonstrate:

  • Analytical and creative thinking by developing and applying a variety of resources to identify, assess, integrate, and use a basic core of knowledge.
  • Self-directed learning by setting priorities, establishing goals, and taking a responsibility in pursuing and evaluating those goals. Effective communicating by exchanging and expressing ideas in a variety of forms.
  • Quality work that reflects creativity, artistry, quality, high standards, pride, and the use of appropriate technologies.
  • Collaborative work by using group skills to manage interpersonal relationships within diverse settings.
  • Good character through self-reflection and the developing of choices, attitudes, and habits that are beneficial to self, society and environment.

Goals of Learning

We also feel it is important that our students demonstrate and our school and community encourage, promote, and model the following as an integral part of our educational program:

  1. An ethical response to our multicultural society at the local, national, and global levels through: tolerance, empathy, and respect for others and their cultures.
  2. Responsibility, compassion, and a caring attitude towards themselves, other people, and the environment.
  3. Flexibility, integrity, and curiosity.
  4. A positive self-concept and self-confidence.
  5. Sound attitudes of mind and body by leading a healthy lifestyle.
  6. A joy for learning and a realization that learning is a life-long process.

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Canadian International Academy of Business & Technology
Inspired by a heritage of service, our multicultural international community challenges students to academic and personal excellence.

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