Upper High School (Grades 9-12)

Grade 12 Curriculum

Grade 12:

English (ENG4D): This course emphasizes consolidation of literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills. Students will analyze a range of challenging texts from various time periods, countries, and Cultures; write analytical and argumentative essays and a major paper for an independent literary research project; and apply key concepts to analyze media works. An important focus will be on understanding academic language and using it coherently and confidently in discussion and argument.

Math (MCB4U): This course builds on students experience with functions and introduces the basic concepts and skills of calculus. Students will investigate and apply the properties of polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions; broaden their understanding of the mathematics associated with rates of change; and develop facility with the concepts and skills of differential calculus as applied to polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Students will apply these skills to problem solving in a range of applications.

Accounting (BAT4M): This course introduces students to advanced accounting principles that will prepare them for Post Secondary studies in business. Students will learn about financial statements for various Forms of business ownership and how those statements are interpreted in making business decisions. This course expands students’ knowledge of sources of financing, further develops Accounting methods for assets, and introduces accounting for partnerships and corporations.
***Prerequisite: Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Grade 11, University/College Preparation; more courses will be added.

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