Please note that tuition fees may change in subsequent academic years. You should also request arrangement for accommodation and airport pick-up at this time. Please note that the tuition fee is fully refundable if your student visa has been rejected by the Canadian Embassy and you provide us with the letter you received from the Canadian Embassy. There are some Application Fees that are non refundable, however.


Application fees for ESL $500.00
Application fee for High School Preparation $1,000.00
application fee for IELTS $500.00
Application fee for Boarding arrangement $500.00
ESL or IELTS 4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
16 weeks
20 weeks
High School preparation courses
(3 to 4 courses per 3 months)
1 semester
2 semesters
3 semesters
4 semesters
EILTS 4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
16 weeks
20 weeks
Material fees: Book fees $500.00/semester
Insurance fees $680.00/year
Computer lab fees $100.00 / semester
IELTS fees $350.00/test

FEES for ESL Language training for Employment program
Application fees none refundable $2,000.00
Tuition fee for ESL Training for 4-6 months studies $20,000.00
With Free incentive program from Confederation College's 10 weeks training program for Retail Foundation Leadership
Boarding Fees Include Residence and Food $10,000.00
Insurance fee $300.00
Program include 20 hours in class trainging from Confederation College 's RFL (please see curriculum information )

Boarding fees
Airport pick up $100.00
Resident fees $1500.00 per month (including 3 meals a day.)
Yearly $18,000.00
Security deposit fees $5,000.00 (deposit and fully refundable if no damages is done)
Total per year $23,000.00

For those who wants to go to university and need assistance to be prepared to apply for either university or colleges:
Preparation fees(for applying universities and colleges) $3,500.00 per application preparation, any additional application, it will be: $500.00 (including how to prepare the resume and interview.)

For those who want to go to countries to study university program other than Canandian universities, fees will be charged extra.

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